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DVD: Saifa - Kata and Applications - AU$18

DVD: Saifa - Kata and Applications

Saifa is often viewed as an easy kata because of the relative simplicity of the pattern and therefore not worth closer inspection. However a closer look at this kata reveals a somewhat surprising amount of depth of application. From it can be drawn a great range of applications including responses to both striking and grabbing attacks from the front and from behind.

This video looks at the kata Saifa and shows a number of applications for each sequence.


  • 3 different versions of the kata Saifa
  • Front and side views of each kata
  • 3-5 applications (plus variations) demonstrated for each kata sequence
  • Available in PAL or NTSC format

    The first chapter on the DVD shows each of 3 variants of the kata. Following this is a chapter on each sequence demonstrating applications against various attacks, grabs and strikes. Voice-over describes the actions being taken in each application.

    During performance each kata is shown with separate front and side views. The lead-in to each sequence in the applications portion of the video has picture-in-picture of the particular sequence being looked at before commencing the applications for that sequence.

    Sample screenshots

    In the bunkai section of the video, the kata is broken up into sequences for demonstrating responses to different attacks. The kata sequence being addressed is shown before each set of applications.

    Applications shown on the video:

    • 1st sequence
      • Wrist grab (same side)
      • Wrist grab (cross-hand) (2 variations of response)
      • Punch to the face
      • Collar grab (normal grip)
      • Collar grab (inverted grip)
    • 2nd sequence
      • Double lapel grab
      • Wrist grab (same side)
      • Throat or chest grab (2 variations of response)
      • Bear hug
    • 3rd sequence
      • Double lapel or throat grab / strangle
      • Hair grab from the front
      • Attemped strangle or collar grab from the front
    • 4th sequence
      • Rear shoulder grab (3 variations of response)
      • Rear choke
      • Hair grab from the rear
    • Final sequence
      • Swinging punch to the head (3 variations of response)
      • Wrist grab (cross-hand) (2 variations of response)
      • Collar / lapel grab (4 variations of response)
      • Wrist grab (same side)

    The DVD can be played on a computer with DVD drive and DVD playback software or played in a normal DVD player. The DVD is not region coded.